• Asphalt sealing  
  • Crack filling  
  • Line striping  
  • Recreation courts

(tennis, volleyball and basketball courts)  




 A CHEM SEAL® treatment applied by trained professionals will Beautify and Protect your Residential or Business parking area and it will stop these causes of pavement deterioration...  

Prevents Water Penetration 

 The intrusion of moisture into asphalt pavement structures accelerates their deterioration and is strongly related to pavement distress. CHEM SEAL® acts to prevent seepage of moisture from snow and rain and prevents damage from freeze - thaw cycles.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bishop Shanahan High School Downingtown, PA

Stops Oxidation of Asphaltic Structures Bishop Shanahan High School Downingtown, PA

 Actinic rays in sunlight oxidize the asphalt oils in your pavement, causing brittleness, ravelling and loss of aggregate surface. CHEM SEAL®'s material is unaffected by the sun's rays of oxidation and will protect your pavement from deterioration. 

Resists Gasoline and Oil Deterioration 

 Asphalt is a petroleum derivative, soluable in distillates such as gas, diesel, jet fuel and oil drippings. CHEM SEAL®'s rubberized coal tar sealers are fortified with Chem Tech and prevent damage from distillates and chemicals that attack pavements. 

Beautifies Paved Areas 

 CHEM SEAL® material dries to a consistant deep black color and will compliment your place of residence or business. 

Provides a "Non-Skid" Safety Surface 

 A sharp mineral aggregate is added and thoroughly mixed in each batch to provide a "non-skid" safety surface. 

Reduces Maintenance Expense 

 CHEM SEAL® material fortified with Chem Tech™ and mineral aggregate, under a continuing program, will provide a tough, durable coating which will resist wear and extend the life of the pavement almost forever. Cleaning, snow removal and pavement marking become easier. 







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